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New Mexico Business Excellence
cultivates leaders in rural communities to grow thriving organizations and harvest sustainable economic development





– Lead * Inspire * Educate * Support * Develop –

Powering talent to transform Taos


We support:

Senior leaders



Teams in organizations

Other specific groups as invited


We support creativity

Offer hospitality

Inspire creativity

Support strategic disruption

Build capabilities to support sustainable change




We have an integrative view

Cross-sectoral concerns

Well being and work

Digital and technological discontinuities

Rural innovation learning


Insight to outcomes

Real Results

Renewal and creativity for leaders

Novelty in technologies of change

Co-creating aspirational north stars

Aligning teams, firms, networks, and communities

Shaping outcomes and results

Supporting differentiated delivery

Our Programs and initiatives

Existing Programs & initiatives

Taos Senior Leadership Forum

Strong woman leaders in our community

Working with Chamber and local high schools
to better integrate high school leavers with local businesses

Future Programs

Executive Development

Youth Development

Hospitality and Customer Service


Our Story


  • NMBE launched in 2015 in Taos NM, on behalf of community leaders request for:
    • Increased professional leadership
    • Improved customer satisfaction
    • Integrating school leavers with community business leaders
  • Launched The Leadership Forum in Sep 2015 to develop local leaders
  • Attained non-profit status Jan 2017

What do we aspire to do?


NMBE Strategy 2-3 years

Where do we play?

  • Enchanted circle and four corners
  • Organizations (businesses, non-profits, government, county and town)
  • At all levels- top-down/bottom-up

How do we win?

  • Deliver quality programs
  • Alumni relationships
  • Customer feedback
  • Healing and transformation
  • Truly reflects the community
  • Cross- pollination
  • Embody what we teach- learning organization

What do we disrupt?

  • Changing paradigm- authentic human experience from inside out
  • Silos

Our Team


NMBE Team Norms:

  • Team support
  • Customer focus
  • Learning organization
  • Honest and open feedback
  • Constructive and timely communication
  • Practice what we preach and teach
  • Have fun!

NMBE Board

NMBE Board Goals

  • Better understanding our community development needs
  • Developing a growth strategy for NMBE including a refreshed and energized vision statement for Northern NM and ultimately all of NM
  • Supporting autonomous programs such as TLJ-RL to implement the NMBE vision
  • Ensuring ongoing funding for projects & programs
  • Helping determine the best operations and program implementations
  • Consistently monitoring the quality and success of NMBE strategy implementation and operations

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